Monday, January 31, 2011

Kitty Laryngitis?

The other day I noticed that Kittie couldn't meow.
She would open her mouth and nothing would come out,
or if it did, it would be a little scratchy noise.
So on Friday I took her to the vet and found out
she has Laryngitis.
Apparently cats get that too.
I over paid the doctor and took her home to give her
the medicine, which caused me to get ripped to shreds
by her back claws.
But she's been doing better and now she can get out
a squeak that sounds like a screaming child.
It makes me laugh.
Unfortunately I have to give her this medicine at 8:30 AM
and PM so my weekend has been quite uneventful.
I haven't really been able to go out or sleep in.
But I love my kitty so it's worth it if she feels better.

Things I've seen lately...

Devil - Usually I'm not a fan of Shyamalan movies. He
didn't direct it but he co-wrote it so I thought I'd give
it a try.
It was ok. I thought the concept was pretty original and
it was creepy for the most part. But
I was not a fan of the end. I really thought the
part of the devil could have been portrayed better.
Overall it was ok though. I'd watch it again if someone
wanted to see it.

The Kids Are Alright - Although the movie as a whole
I thought was quite fantastic, again I was disappointed
by the end.
The whole movie was really fun and a good story.
But the end I thought left a lot of things un-answered.
Unless that's how it was suppose to go to be
cohesive to the story.
Which makes sense since no one in the movie knew
what was going to happen in their lives.
In that case the movie was a must see, I just wished I
knew what happened.

Skins (British) - I'm really not sure if I like this show.
I guess I do since I keep watching it but I'm
not sure if I REALLY do.
I'll probably stop watching after season two since
there are new characters in three.
I'm not sure if I'll watch the American version either.
Kind of confused with this one....
It's a little exaggerated for my taste and at times
just plain ridiculous.

Spartacus - Bad ass. That's all.

Greek - Always fantastic. One of the favs.

Greys Anatomy - Really wish they would stop ending
episodes on a cliff hanger and then playing re-runs for
three weeks. Dumb.

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