Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Lookin' Out Universe

As I suspected,
school was about as scary as
a fuzzy sweater.
I don't know why it made me as nervous as it did,
man was I nervous, but for some reason I had
the jitters so bad I was waking up every hour
and felt like throwing up this morning.
I felt a little better in the car once I put on some music
but once I parked I started to freak again.
Before I continue with the rest of the story I would
just like to say that Tri C is like a never ending
maze of hallways.
I must have turned down 6 different halls before I
got the right one.
Anyways, when I finally found my class room,
I saw Anna standing there.
She is a girl I work with and apparently she had the
same class as I did.
It was as if the universe was like:
"Hey we know you're
really nervous, so here have someone you know to
go through the first class with. That should calm
you down."
It most certainly did.
Then once I had been sitting in class for a while,
I realized it was just like high school and I was
being ridiculous this morning when I freaked out.
So bring on the ceramics class!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Occasional Musing #6

Tomorrow is the first day of school.
I haven't been to school in five years so I guess
I'm a little nervous.
I'm venturing out of my comfort zone and
that can get a little scary sometimes.
I know it will be fine and I'm over thinking it.
So I'm writing a blog, watching a netflix
movie, and curling up under the covers to calm myself.
I wish I had some tea.
A hot cup of tea would be nice about now.
Anyway this blog is pretty pointless but it's making
me feel a little better.
Tomorrow I'll write a follow up blog telling you
all how stupid I feel for being so nervous.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Too Bored To Function.

Rules are, you enter the letter into the search box and the first name to appear you put into the note below & you must answer truthfully.. (if the same person comes up twice, use the next person down the list). Tag each person you mention. Let's begin

a- Cecilia Aguiar
1.) Do you love this person? Duh
2.) Is this person your enemy? HA
3.) Would you kiss this person? A friendly kiss on the cheek  : )

b- Britney Phillips
1.) What do you really think of this person? I love her to pieces
2.) Best memory? I believe there was a 2 liter cut in half with a sink full of water involved. That is one of many.
3.) Ever danced with them? All da time

c- Chris Steimle
1.) Do you have a crush on this person? Nope
2.) Have you ever had a crush on them? Nope
3.) How old are they? 23

d-  Deana Massri
1.) How long have you known him/her? Oh dear...5 years?
2.) Biggest regret? Not being nicer to each other in the past
3.) Do you hate this person? Not at all

e- Eric Aguiar
1.) Have you ever met thier parents? Mhmm : )
2.) Ever done anything crazy with this person? Too many adventures to list
3.) Is this person datable? Duh

f - Rylee Fix
1.) Have you ever dated this person? Nope
2.) When is the next time you will see him/her? Most likely never : /
3.) Do you go to school with them? Nope

g- Kit Gove
1.) Are they a good listener? Idk really
2.) Have you ever lied to their parents? Never even met em
3.) Is this person nice? Yes

h- Richard Hinds
1.) What grade is this person in? Not in school
2.) Is he/she your best friend? Nope but a good one
3.) Ever done something illegal with this person? Probably

I- Sabrina Ines Aguiar
1.) Is this person in a relationship? Mhmm : )
2.) Where does he/she live? Miami : (
3.) What color hair does this person have? Brown

j- Jeremy Artrip 
1.) Do they have siblings? A nice sister
2.) Do you know their favorite song? I probably should but I don't
3.) What would you do if they confessed they like you? I would respectfully decline

k- Kayla Marie Thomas
1.) How long have you known this person? About 4 years
2.) Are you close with him/her? Not as much as I'd like to be
3.) Is this person single? Nope!

l- Russell Lake
1.) What would you do if you never met this person? My life would be much less colorful
2.) Do you like him/her? I like him the respectable amount friends should like each other.
3.) Would you go to disney world with this person? Most likely, whether or not he would be caught dead in Disney world is another matter

m- Keith Mitchell
1.) Did you ever like this person? As a person ya.
2.) Ever dance with this person? No
3.) Ever kissed this person? No

n- Nina Olney
1.) Who is this person? My roommates cousin
2.) Have you seen this person cry? I think once or twice
3.) Do you know her favorite sport? Uh....softball?

o- No one :(
1.) Do they have braces?
2.) When was the last time you saw him/her?
3.) Have you ever liked each other?

p- Scott Philip Bunner
1.) Have you ever been to the mall with this person? HA too many times
2.) Are you fairly close to this person? Unfortunatly not as close as I'd like to be
3.) Is this person single? I don't think so

Q- Nelsons Ledges Quarry Park 
1.) How long have you known this person? Been going there for 4ish years
2.) When did you meet him/her? 4 Years ago
3.) What is this persons favorite food? Disco Pizza

 r - Todd Rhein
1.) Have you heard this person sing before? LOL probably
2.) Do you think this person will repost this? Psh no.
3.) Whats one thing you would change about this person? Beside that he always thinks he's right?... ; )

s- Monica Mo'Nasty Santoiemmo
1.) Is this person taller than you? Who isn't?
2.) Do you enjoy spending time with this person? Of course!
3.) Do they live close to you? No : (

t- Tara Anna
1.) When is the last time you saw him/her? Classics Fest : )
2.) Have you been to his/her house? Once, to pick her up. She has a cute cat.
3.) Do you like this person? Of course.

u- Joe Usner
1.) Are you close with him/her? Not really, no
2.) How do you know him/her? High School
3.) What do you think of this person? He's pretty cool

v- No One :(
1.) Do you see this person a lot?
2.) When did you meet him/her?
3.) What is this persons favorite food?

w - Katie Kiddo Winstead
1.) Is this person quiet or loud? HA Love loud Katie
2.) Name a friend that both of you are close to? Cece beans
3.) What color eyes does this person have? Blue I think

y- Ynnos Ztebud Nayr
1.) Do you love him/her? No lol
2.) Is this person nice? Sometimes
3.) Would you kiss him/her? Nope

z - Zee Massri
1.) Do you like this person? As far as I know yea. But it's been a while.
2.) How do you know this person? Hich School
3.) Ever been to his house? Yup, but to see her sister.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Life Cleanse.

There is a moment...
after you've been thrown into
a swimming pool, when your nose fills up with water,
your eyes see only millions of bubbles, and
you don't know if you'll be able to find the surface.

Then you finally get your bearings, firmly plant your feet
on the pool floor, and come up for a breath of air.
After you rub your face with your hands, you begin to laugh.
The last thing you wanted was to be thrown in a pool
with all your clothes on and all your possessions
still in your pocket.
But for that moment after the panic and anger,
when the laughter starts and you notice everyone is
laughing with you, you forget everything.
You just live in that moment.
The moment of relief and the cleansing feeling of the water.
You may even fall back into the water, run your fingers
through your hair, and swim around in your clothes.
Why not?
You're already wet.
Then you fumble with climbing out of the pool
in your wet clothes, dry off, and watch everyone find their
next victim.

It's like life.
The last thing you want is to be thrown into situations
that cause moments of panic, loss of sight, and doubt of
ever seeing the surface.
Then life rights itself and you have the cleansing feeling
that everything will be ok.
You laugh.
Dry yourself off.

Start a new day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things That Rock #3









Monday, August 8, 2011

If I was what I'm not.

If I was a movie, I'd be a romantic comedy.

If I was a Dessert, I'd be a cupcake.

If I was an animal, I'd be an owl.

If I was a tree, I'd be a willow.

If I was an emotion, I'd be hopeful.

If I was a dream, I'd be a day dream.

If I was a mode of transportation, I'd be a bicycle.

If I was a cereal, I'd be yogurt burst cheerios.

If I was a sin, I'd be vanity.

If I was a crayon, I'd be Jazzberry Jam.

If I was a Music genre, I'd be folk.

If I was an era, I'd be the 90's.

If I was weather, I'd be a peaceful thunder storm.

If I was an article of clothing, I'd be a sweater.

If I was a fictional creature, I'd be a faerie.

If I was part of nature, I'd be the night sky, full of stars.

If I was hobby, I'd be your unfinished painting.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Things are just too complicated sometimes.
Every once in a while you just have to step back,
take a look at your life, and weed out the
things that just aren't that important.
A life cleanse if you will.

To be honest I've made my life MORE
complicated in the past month.
I've signed up for school, tried to start reading again,
started working longer hours, tried to have a better
social life, tried to get active,
even dabbled in writing my own book.
Laugh all you want at that last one but I have spell
check on my computer. So Ha.

Things have been piling up so much, it feels like
there's not enough time in the day.
So I've been working on simplifying things,
or at least trying not to get so overwhelmed.
It's tough.
I thought I'd start small and
work my way up to the big things.
I guess that's what my new layout represents.
That probably sounds stupid but
it makes me feel better.