Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let It All Go.

Today I finally understand why my brother is so
angry and hostile all the time here at work.

For the past 3 years of my life it's been "Why don't you
go back to school?" or "Why don't you take some classes?"
and I've brushed it off without a second thought.
So finally I decide to take some classes to do something
with my time other than work my ass off.
I don't qualify for financial aid so my mother (being so happy
I decided to go to school) told me if I get an A in my
classes, she'll reimburse me the $900.

I'm 10 hours deep in my deku link project and it's still
not finished so I have to finish it and
glaze eight pots by 8:50 tonight.

Not many of you know how our company works but
a wobble head photo is different than a regular package
photo and they frequently get missed when we're taking
Now if that happens whoever missed it is responsible
for going out and taking the photo on their own time.
My mother (and boss) missed TWO of them this
past weekend so my dad set me up to go and told me
he would pay me for it.
That's all well and good except that I'm scheduled to be
there at 5:45pm and my class starts at 7.
Which means I would have to miss open lab and only
have an hour and fifty minutes to finish all my projects.
I told my dad I didn't think I could do it and they both threw
a fit.
They gave me this so I could get extra money and more
experience blah blah.
If I fail the class I don't get my money, if I don't go to the
shoot they get mad at me.
If at any point we have one or two things a year that may be
more important than work it's taboo.
They tell my bother to take a few days off but if he's not here
they freak out.
I can't express how we feel and it's hard to understand unless
you work here but I can only tell you I was very upset this morning.

My brother, knowing exactly how I felt, started throwing
things around the room to show me that it's only a job.
We get frustrated a lot but we have to remember that
in the grand scheme of things it just doesn't matter.
We have each other to keep us grounded.
Just let go.
Even Britney joined in from the other room.

Everything, and I mean everything, went on the floor.
Important papers, envelopes, sticky notes, paper clips,
rubber bands, peanuts, a box of tissues, paper dots from
a three hole punch, pictures, etc etc.

In that moment, staring at that giant mess we made,
I teared up.
I had let everything go, Including control of my emotions.

Up until four years ago I knew almost nothing about my
I knew he was my brother and I knew what others told
me about him but he was married out of college.
That leaves only time for his family and none for spending
time with his little sister.
I don't fault him for that but I wish every day we had
more time together than working 9 to 5 in the same room.

Everyday he continues to surprise me.
We are more alike than any two siblings I've ever met
and I love him to pieces.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

25 Years Of Zelda.

If any of you get Game Informer you know that
Legend of Zelda was the main focus and
it marked the twenty five year anniversary of our
childhood game.
I didn't really get into video games till Nintendo 64
but Zelda rapidly became my favorite game and still is.
I never got around to playing the Game Boy games but
I'd like to at some point in my life.
I'm not sure how I'll like Skyward Sword but I felt
the same way about Twilight Princess and ended up loving

So it seems fitting that for my pinch pot creature in ceramics
I would make a Deku Link.
I think when I picked the project I subconsciously knew
I was doing it to honor the anniversary.
He's not finished yet but I thought I'd post a sneak preview.

This is the stump he's going to sit on.
It has the triforce carved into it and you can't see,
but there is a rupee in the grass.
Yea I'm clever.

This is his body.
He's headless and only has one hand but I think he's
coming along nicely.

Again keep in mind, I'm a beginner.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kickin' Off Fall Lobster Style.

So I've decided this fall is going to be the best ever.
I've already had 3 pumpkin muffins from Duncan Doughnuts,
(and the "top" to show for it)
made one pumpkin stamp for ceramics class,
and started off the season at the Treamont Art Festival with
the Ceci bean.

I have to admit that was the first art festival I've ever been to.
I've always been to busy and blah blah.
You know.
So when Ceci brought up the
Treamont fest and I was pumped.

Being a photographer you'd think I'd have taken pictures,
but one thing you learn is you never bring your work
home with you.
Anyway, it was a really nice festival.
TONS of booths with paintings, jewlery,
ceramics, glass, food, metal work, clothing, and anything
else artsy you can think of.
We had a lot of fun and bought some pretty cool stuff.
Ceci got some scarves, some jewlery and an adorable
shirt for the adorable nephew.

I was facinated by all the paintings and art, but there
was one artist that really stood out for me and I knew I had
to have something the minute I walked up to the tent.
Her prints were a little more than I wanted to spend but
I would want a fellow artist to support me if they were as
moved by my work as I was hers.
They were $20 a piece but totally worth it.
I'm going to matte them and hang them up somewhere
when I decide where they would look best.

They're a little hard to see from these pictures but they
are actually women.
She had a whole series of women brought back to nature.
They were so beautiful I had to have them.
Her website is if you want to check out
her other stuff, which you should.
Get her name out there.

After that we went to Fat Heads and ate ourselves
into a food coma with Alex and Kyle.
We had to take them cause they had never been there and
that's just an outright sin.
I've never seen someone so happy with food as Kyle
was with his five pound headwich.

That was the fall kick off!
My blog will be filled with fall themed posts from now
till December so check them out!

It's been real.
Oh yea and get one of these :

It's heaven in a paper bag.

Monday, September 19, 2011


It's amazing to me how fast this year has gone by.
We're already in the second part of the year and I could
swear Christmas was just last week.

It seems to me like every year goes faster and faster and
everyone says it will just go quicker with age.
I just start to wonder what will happen when I'm forty.
Will I wake up one morning and be seventy?
Where did it all go?
What did I do with all this time that flew by?

I finally feel like I'm utilizing my time with school and
other things but I'm afraid time is going to pass me
up one day and I'll realize I never actually accomplished
Sometimes I feel like there is not enough time in the days.


What if time were infinite?

Would I learn a new language?
Would I learn to play an instrument?
Would I just do what I do everyday, forever?

I wonder what I would be able to do with my life
if I had infinite time.
But then I think...
Who would ever want to stay on this earth for
the rest of it's days?
To watch everyone you know wither away.
To see humanity destroy itself.

Time isn't meant to be

Friday, September 16, 2011

Progress? Yes and No.

I've been in school now for three weeks and
I'd have to say I'm enjoying it so far.
I think it's the idea of school that really makes me
think I'm accomplishing something with my time.
Even though I don't have a major and I'm
not really working up to any kind of degree yet,
I just feel like my time during the day is better
utilized and channeled into something I actually
like doing instead of various forms of TV watching.
That really sounds sad, tv watching.
It's true though.

As of right now I'm not sure if I like my drawing class.
Maybe it's just me but I feel like we're not really accomplishing
anything. All of this stuff I already did in high school.
Don't get me wrong, it's good to go over concepts you've
already learned so they're fresh in your mind.
Especially since it's been so long since I was in high school.
But we're spending two or more days on the same thing
and in my ceramics class I've already made eight pots.
Each one I feel I'm getting a little better and I was actually
pretty proud of the last one.
Maybe if we were actually working on projects in my drawing
class, I would feel like I'm getting better.
Right now I look at my exercises and laugh at how
I start drawing really well but then when she introduces
fifty different ways to draw the same object, my paper
just fills up with various blobs.
It's like I'm regressing to my beginner state.
I think she's making drawing harder than it has to be.
One concept is great, two is good for checking yourself,
but four, five, and six?
Get on with it already.
I'll finish out the class and do my best to get an A,
but next semester I'm switching to painting.

I'm really in love with my ceramics class though.
My first pot was pretty bad but they got progressively
better and I'm pretty pumped about our next project.
We're making pinch pot animals.
I'm not sure what animal I'm going to make yet but it's
going to be pretty much awesome.

Until then here's a picture of one of my pots.
It's from a camera phone so it's blurry and dark
but keep in mind I'm still a beginner before you laugh
too much.
I'll post better pictures after they've been fired and glazed.

Yes it's a honeycomb pot with bees on it.
Laugh away.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Proud Breed Of Nerd.

I play Nintendo game systems.

I have all my Pokemon cards.

I wear glasses.

I read books. Sometimes more than once.

I own the collectors edition box sets for Star Wars
and Lord of the Rings.

I wear Batman shirts.

Mario and Zelda are my favorite video games.

I use big words and correct grammar.

I watch an over abundance of kids movies.

I know how to write my name in Tengwar.

I cried when Dumbledore died.

I can photoshop circles around you.

I blog.

I carry a Game Boy in my purse.

I went to every Harry Potter midnight
showing and book release.

I can recite Friends word for word.

I own a wand.

I can use a Wacom tablet.

I am a firm believer in alternate realms,
paranormal activity, and the zombie apocalypse.

Any sexual fantasy I have involves acting out
scenes from Star Wars.

I've seen Fanboys close to twenty times.

I own over three hundred movies.

I make race car noises when I drive.

I have a Pikachu kigurumi.

When I'm feeling discouraged I tell
myself to use the force.

I carry European currency in my wallet.

The scene where they blow up the Death Star
sounds dirty to me.

I play the Sims.

I was picked up by a line from Friends.

I can make things out of duct tape.