Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kickin' Off Fall Lobster Style.

So I've decided this fall is going to be the best ever.
I've already had 3 pumpkin muffins from Duncan Doughnuts,
(and the "top" to show for it)
made one pumpkin stamp for ceramics class,
and started off the season at the Treamont Art Festival with
the Ceci bean.

I have to admit that was the first art festival I've ever been to.
I've always been to busy and blah blah.
You know.
So when Ceci brought up the
Treamont fest and I was pumped.

Being a photographer you'd think I'd have taken pictures,
but one thing you learn is you never bring your work
home with you.
Anyway, it was a really nice festival.
TONS of booths with paintings, jewlery,
ceramics, glass, food, metal work, clothing, and anything
else artsy you can think of.
We had a lot of fun and bought some pretty cool stuff.
Ceci got some scarves, some jewlery and an adorable
shirt for the adorable nephew.

I was facinated by all the paintings and art, but there
was one artist that really stood out for me and I knew I had
to have something the minute I walked up to the tent.
Her prints were a little more than I wanted to spend but
I would want a fellow artist to support me if they were as
moved by my work as I was hers.
They were $20 a piece but totally worth it.
I'm going to matte them and hang them up somewhere
when I decide where they would look best.

They're a little hard to see from these pictures but they
are actually women.
She had a whole series of women brought back to nature.
They were so beautiful I had to have them.
Her website is meridithsink.com if you want to check out
her other stuff, which you should.
Get her name out there.

After that we went to Fat Heads and ate ourselves
into a food coma with Alex and Kyle.
We had to take them cause they had never been there and
that's just an outright sin.
I've never seen someone so happy with food as Kyle
was with his five pound headwich.

That was the fall kick off!
My blog will be filled with fall themed posts from now
till December so check them out!

It's been real.
Oh yea and get one of these :

It's heaven in a paper bag.

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