Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Review

This book really can't be classified as anything but porn.
I knew kind of what it was about when my sister gave it to me,
but I'd have to say it still shocked me with the
epic, dirty details.
I was unaware that a New York Times best seller could
have such graphic sex descriptions in it.

All that being said it was a great book and I never lost interest.
It starts off fast and keeps you glued to the pages the
entire read.
I'm looking forward to reading the next two books in the
series, but I think I'll take a break and read something that
doesn't require me to read in private for a while.
A little piece of advice:

This book is not something to read while
family members are in the same room.
Though, I know my mom and sister both read it.
I'm trying not to dwell on that too much....

Pretty much sums it up.

In other news, here's something I made for
my good friend Becky.
It was a house warming present!

They didn't come out exactly like I had planned,
but as long as she enjoys it, I'm happy.

Until next time...
Laters, baby.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Where Did The Time Go?

I haven't written a blog since March 19th?
I guess I should catch this thing up to my busy life.

Let's see.....
I joined Powerhouse Gym and it was
going fairly well until the last couple weeks when work
picked up.
Hopefully when class ends I'll have some time
to go again.


I have....
Gone to the Science Center
Donated something to charity
Started a new tattoo

My "write more blogs" has significantly
gone out the window.
I will attempt to remedy that.
I have also read two and a half books and I have
a forth on my coffee table waiting.
So hopefully I'll be able to cross that off soon.

Short one today.
Writers block.

Monday, March 19, 2012

How I Became Friends With Your Mother.

A few months ago I started watching the very
good show "How I met Your Mother".
There are plenty of reasons to love this show but
there are also plenty of similarities between this show and
the greatest show ever made.
I'm not one of those people that think HIMYM is a rip
off or anything of the sort.
Merely a tribute while also maintaining some originality.
In case no one believes me, here are the facts...

Let's start with the obvious.

Both set in New York
Live above a bar/coffee shop
The classic "will they/won't they" relationship
(Ross and Rachel, Ted and Robin)
No one knows what Barney or Chandler does for a living
The "sleeps with lots of chicks" guy
(Joey and Barney)
The dopey guy that marries a hot girl
(Marshall and Lilly, Monica and Chandler)

Now to get more in depth.

The "last night" Ted and Marshall, Monica and Rachel
spend together before moving out is filled with fights.
Ted and Marshall each take a sword, Monica and Rachel
each take a candle stick.

Joey and Barney end up falling for best friends
ex girlfriend.

Ted and Ross both have fairly boring jobs none of the
other characters want to hear about.
They both end up becoming professors....aaaand
end up dating a student.
They have the worst luck with love.
Both bought cars and sold them shortly after.
Both correct grammar or pronunciation.
Ka-ra-tey and encyclo-pay-dia

Chandler and Marshall both wanted to do different things
with their lives than they ended up doing

Chandler and Monica, Marshall and Lily
go to Vegas/Atlantic city and chicken out on getting
Then eventually both are married by the "ladies man".

Rachel and Robin both date a douchey
foreign guy.
Both make a horrible food dish the others pretend
to enjoy.
Both fly across the world to stop a wedding.
Both have a hard time making it in the city and
desire a glamorous job.
Both come from different background than the
rest of the group and are made fun of for it.

Joey Tribbiani technically invented the naked man

Marshall and Ted, Ross and Chandler
best friends after being college roommates.

Chandler and Barney come from a very strange
home life.

Thanksgiving is always a debacle

I'm sure there is a ton more but keep in mind, I've only
seen How I Met Your Mother twice through as
oppose the 806820347523 times I've seen Friends.
Both shows are great and I look forward to seeing where
they go with HIMYM.

Teejay out.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things That Rock #5

Wow, I've really been neglecting my blog lately.
For shame.





(Photo by Steven Andrew)







Monday, February 27, 2012

Home Is Where Ohio Is.

People always seem to hate where they're from.
No one is happy where they are and wish
they lived some place else.
I want to know, why?
I have always loved Ohio and I could never understand
why everyone hates it so much.
Blah, Blah, it snows all the time.
So what?
I'm starting to think people hate it because it's the "cool"
thing to do.
This is where you grew up and it will always be where
you're from.
Embrace it.
These are the reasons I think you should love Ohio,
or at least why you have no reason to hate it.


It's green and beautiful away from the city.

Peninsula bike path.

MELT bar and grilled

Snow. (I know people hate it and it can be excessive
here, but I couldn't live somewhere it didn't snow
on Christmas.)


We have beaches and Lake Erie can look like an
ocean. Plus we've done a pretty good job of cleaning
it up so far.

No natural disasters. We have tornadoes, but come on,
when was the last time we actually had a bad one?
(Knock, knock, knock)

We're at the top of the food chain.
No alligators, big cats, or dangerous bears.

Better bars.
I've been a ton of places and the bars suck everywhere
but here.

Put In Bay.


Rock Hall.

George Clooney and Ron Jeremy?
From Ohio.

Alan Cox Show.

Whips Ledges or any metro park area.

Playhouse Square.

Cleveland pride for their sports.

Cedar Point.

Haunted Ohio.

Hocking Hills.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio City, Lakewood,
and Tremont.

Football Hall of Fame.
(If you're into that)

Science Center.

No terrible traffic.

Muchos Buenos.

Four distinct seasons.
(Even though winter lasts a little longer)

Historic Zoar.

Art Museum and art schools.

The hot dog was invented here.

The Wright brothers and Neil Armstrong.

My family and people I love are here.

Low taxes and cost of living.
(Try paying $400 rent anywhere else)

A low number of tan, muscular, douche bags.

A Christmas Story.

No really scary bugs.

New casino.
(If you're in to that)


Brew Kettle.

A high number of bearded men live here.

It smells like fresh air.

It says Oh Bye O when you leave the state.

There are so many more reasons
I'm just at work and don't have time to list ALL
of them.
Really think about it.
Is Ohio THAT bad?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Into the Kiln.

My Zora Link is finally assembled
and ready to be fired.
He ended up being quite a bit taller than
Deku Link so  wasn't able to put Navi on him.
I'll have to make her separately.

Fancy heh?

He'll look better once he's painted.
On to the wheel!

Friday, February 3, 2012

January In Review.

Well I can't be too hard on myself with my list
considering it's only February.
So far I've donated to charity,
and I've read one out of my four books.
I'm off to a good start.

I should probably specify on the "make a friend"
part on my list.
I have no problem making guy friends and
I've made a couple already this year.
I just find it really hard to make friends with girls.
Sometimes you just need girls to talk to.
So I'd like to make one girl friend this year.
Sounds easier than it is, especially at my age.
Fingers crossed.

I've been discovering some new TV shows
that I'm really enjoying.
Specifically Being Human US.
It's really how supernatural creatures SHOULD
be portrayed.
Not battling it out over a girl or whatever they're
doing in books and movies these days.
Watching this show has given me yet another reason why
Sam Huntington is an underrated actor.
I've always thought he was but this show is just another
tally on the board.

I mean think about it...



(the only good spoof movie known to man)





Those are just the movies I've seen.
I'm sure the other ones he was in are just as good
Minus the Caveman TV show...but hey, every actor has one.
He is also ridiculously good looking and I am seriously
considering bumping someone to put him on my five...

Yeeeeea, swoon.

It's been real.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ceramics 2

So it begins.
Of course I'm involved in another elaborate
project that will take forever to complete.

Here is the progress I've made so far...

Of course the figures look a lot better painted.
'Till next time...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Zombie Review

Well I finished my first book of the new year.
So if any of your are counting,
that means I only have three left to complete
that task on my list.
It seems easy but when you're as busy as I am,
it's hard to find time to read an entire book
let alone four.

This book only took me a few days since there's
not a lot going on at work and my class just
started Wednesday.

Yes I realise I used this picture in the last blog with
all the funny chapter titles but I need to use it in
this one too.
I also didn't want to give away all the chapter titles
in case someone wanted to read it so I only
did a few for fun.

Sarah and David are trying to make their marriage
work but then find themselves in the middle
of a zombie outbreak.
Typical romcom structure with a whole lot of

I'm having trouble rating the book.
It was very fast paced with a lot of zombie attacks.
There were some funny lines and some really bad
ones but overall I enjoyed it.
It wasn't the most amazing book ever but it was
a good fast read .
I'd have to categorize it like romcom movies,
you really enjoy yourself while watching it, but it's
not going to win any awards.
I would however recommend it for people who like the
Funny one liners
Awful one liners
Over abundance of swearing
Poking fun at hillbillies and religious cults

Overall, I will be reading the other books in
the series so take that for what it's worth.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Couple Who Slays Together...

...stays together.

When living in the zombie apocalypse,
it's important to remember not to take your
partner for granted.

Balance the workload in your relationship.
No one person should be responsible for killing
ALL the zombies.

Put the small stuff into perspective.
It's better to be wrong and alive than right but
eating brains.

Talk out your big decisions.
Hear both opinions before you decide if you're
going to flee the city or hole up with Campbell's Soup and

Don't discuss your relationship problems with friends.
Zombie problems are another story entirely.

You and your partner are on the same side.
It's the side of living.

Never go to bed angry.
Terrified is okay.

Give each other compliments every day.
Even when the undead attack, it's nice to feel pretty.
Or bad ass.

Make requests, not demands.
"Please" kill that zombie, honey, I'm out of bullets.

A little bit of advice from the book I'm reading.
I know what you're thinking, and yes,
it IS a romcom zombie book.
It rules all.

More awesome couples therapy advice
for living with zombies to come.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19th Already?

Well my "Write more blogs" portion of my new years
list has been greatly overlooked.
I haven't even been that busy so I really have no

On a good note I have managed to complete one thing
on my list for the new year.
I sent $30 to St. Jude children's hospital this month.
I know it's not a lot, but I do have a house and car to pay for.
Although maybe I could have sent more if I didn't by myself
a couple of bookshelves but, hey, I'm only human...
Maybe I'll send more sometime soon.

I didn't think I gave myself that hard of a list to complete
but now that I look at it, it seems overwhelming.
I mean, where the hell am I going to find a flash mob?
Then again it's only January so I'll try not to get a head
of myself.

My ceramics class started yesterday and I've managed to
get myself into another elaborate project.
I couldn't really decide what to do so I came up with a bunch
of ideas and let my teacher pick the one he liked best.
He picked Zora Link.

It's nice because now I'll have matching sculptures,
but I couldn't even begin to tell you how long the last
one took.
This one is going a little smoother now that I know how
to do the techniques I need, but I'm running into problems
I didn't come across with Deku link.
So we'll see how it goes.

Well I'm off to find a flash mob!
(and by "find a flash mob" I mean get back to work)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Bucket List

I know bucket lists are generally suppose
to be private, but I felt like sharing mine for fun.
These are things I'd like to accomplish this year.

See a flash mob in person
Make a new friend
Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy in one sitting
Star Wars as well. Maybe all six.
Start to learn guitar
Go to New York
Finish my living room
Paint my bathrooms
Do something people will remember
Go to the Science Center
Read 4 books
Go snowboarding
Donate something to a charity
Find a new signature cupcake recipe
Write more blogs
Get a new tattoo

I hope that's not more than I can accomplish
in one year.
It always seems do-able until you're halfway
through the year and you haven't even started.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Been Real 2011

Writing about the end of the year is hard.
It's always "Wow this year has flown by!" and
"Man where did the year go?"
Both of which are 100% true but it's all been said
and everyone knows because they feel the exact
same way.

Closer to New Years you look back on the year
and then put it all behind you to start a new.
Here are some of my favorite blogs of 2011...

I'm Just Blowing In The Wind
Breath In, Breath Out, Sip, Repeat
It's Laminated!
Adventure Time
Cat Architecture
For My Dad
I Am Flawed
A Life Cleanse
A Proud Breed Of Nerd
For Eric
Gallery Show #1
Adventures Of A Procrastinator

This year I celebrated my first real one year
anniversary, quit Hot Topic, started to live alone,
remodeled my basement, went back to school, had all kinds of
firsts, and found a couple of great bars to hang out at
with my friends.

Although this year was great, I'm really
looking forward to the next one and I hope it will be
just as awesome.

New Years this year was quite successful.
Despite the minor mishaps we had at the beginning of the
night with the cab, we all ended up having a pretty
good time.
I could have done without all the vomit but at least I
wasn't the one puking.

Anyways, peace out 2011.
You will not be missed.
Time for a new year