Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seven Floors of Bull Shit.

Well, it's been a very busy couple of weeks
and I haven't had any time to write.
I went to a couple haunted houses over the course
of the month.

Bloodview: 4 stars
There were only two houses but me and Eric had
a lot of fun.
The lines weren't too long and the actors never broke
character, plus this guy had the best wolf man costume ever.

7 Floors of Hell: 3 to 2 stars
I have a hard time rating this one because there are
seven houses but to start the line was RIDICULOUS.
We waited in line for about an hour while monsters
tried to entertain the bored line waiters.
It was $23 to get in and looking back we should have
paid the extra $5 for the speed pass cause the lines
for the houses were equally tedious.
Two of the houses literally had one monster in them,
and in the one he just kept running around the house
trying to scare everyone several times.
I'd say the best one was the mansion at the end.
Maria was freaked out a couple times and Eric and I
have the scars to prove it.
Blood barn was ok but they seem to have this fascination
with having people walk through squishy inflatable hallways
that make you feel like you're being birthed.
One house had four spinney tunnels though so that was a plus.
We still had a lot of fun despite the high prices, long lines,
and lack of monsters.
Other people did not have quite as much fun.
We overheard so many complaints but my favorite
"seven floors of bull shit...."
It made me laugh.

I've been posting a lot about my ceramics class and
not very much about my drawing class so I thought I'd
give you a little taste of what I've been doing.
This is my third project I just finished Tuesday night.

And to think charcoal was my worst talent in high school.

I'm still super busy but I'll be trying to write a little more
over the next few weeks till my workload slows again.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stupid Questions.

A picture of myself

My favorite food

(mashed potatoes)

Grab the nearest book, turn to page 55, read the 3rd line.

"a novelty here, where novelties were few and far between."

6 important people to me
In no order.


Man friend

(on the left, grabbing boob)

Mom and Dad


My favorite athlete


A thing that I hate

"To be continued" s

A band/artist I love 

Mumford and Sons

A bad habit 


3 random facts about myself

I punch the foam surrounding a shelf
in the office every time I pass it.

My Ipod has to be perfectly organized.

I quote "Friends" on a daily basis.

5 most visited websites 

Face book
Blog spot
The Dainty Squid
Omerica Organic

What I like and hate about school


Feeling like I'm utilizing my time.



The cell phone I own

Samsung Intensity 2

Where I live 

Brunswick Hills 

A talent 

I can play music by ear

Do I own any pets? If so, what?


10 random objects in my room

Stuffed Pikachu
Acoustic Guitar
A picture of John Butler
Box of old toys
Cedar trunk
Wicker folding screen

A word I use often

Fancy or snazzy

When was the last time I cried?

Last Saturday

What time is it in your time zone?

2:02 pm

Chocolate or vanilla?


My favorite place


A dream

You don't wanna get into this head.

My favorite YouTube video 

My favorite song

The Clash - Train in Vain

My eye color

Very dark brown

An ambition

To one day be a hot mom
and maybe sell a piece
of art for an obscene amount of money.

What I want to be

You mean something other than
a production worker for a photography

My shoe size 


A phobia 


What I wear at home

who wears things at home? silly

Monday, October 10, 2011


This weekend was pretty eventful.
Thursday (not really part of the weekend but
whatever) Me and Cecil went costume shopping,
mall shopping, had dinner, jokes, laughs,
ha ha and stuff.
It was a good time.
We started with the Spirit in the mall and worked
our way to Halloween City in Medina.
Both had a pretty good selection but the Medina
store was defiantly bigger.

The problem I have with costumes is they
are all way too big for me, even smalls.
Plus I don't have DD boobs like the girls on the cover do.

What I tried on.

"Well hey-hey if she needs any idea for costumes,
she could be a bikini model, or a slutty nurse,
or a sexy cheerleader huh—Ooh-ooh, Leatherface from
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre—No-no-no! Slutty Leatherface."

Awful fit. No way I could wear this.

Green Lantern.
Great fit up top, not so great fit on bottom.

Totally pumped about this costume but the
bottom was a little frilly for my taste
and they didn't have Donatello,
so that's a no go.

I originally wanted to be an Indian, and this
costume was really cute, but the beads and nice
fabric made the costume to rich for my blood.

Friday was uneventful but sweet.
Pizza and S.O.A.
Saturday I cleaned up my patio and picked
up the house a bit.
Me and Maria went back to the Medina
costume store and tried on some different stuff.


Skeleton which I ended up buying.
It's simple and sexy.
Of course the lighting is terrible but besides that...

Then me and Eric went up to Mapelside for their
pumpkin festival.
We got apple cider slushies, a buckeye caramel
apple, and a giant pumpkin that is so big it cost
$12 being 40 cents a pound.
Eric was sweating by the time he carried it back to the car.
Sunday, senior shoot and I finished my homework for
drawing class.
All in all a good weekend.