Monday, February 27, 2012

Home Is Where Ohio Is.

People always seem to hate where they're from.
No one is happy where they are and wish
they lived some place else.
I want to know, why?
I have always loved Ohio and I could never understand
why everyone hates it so much.
Blah, Blah, it snows all the time.
So what?
I'm starting to think people hate it because it's the "cool"
thing to do.
This is where you grew up and it will always be where
you're from.
Embrace it.
These are the reasons I think you should love Ohio,
or at least why you have no reason to hate it.


It's green and beautiful away from the city.

Peninsula bike path.

MELT bar and grilled

Snow. (I know people hate it and it can be excessive
here, but I couldn't live somewhere it didn't snow
on Christmas.)


We have beaches and Lake Erie can look like an
ocean. Plus we've done a pretty good job of cleaning
it up so far.

No natural disasters. We have tornadoes, but come on,
when was the last time we actually had a bad one?
(Knock, knock, knock)

We're at the top of the food chain.
No alligators, big cats, or dangerous bears.

Better bars.
I've been a ton of places and the bars suck everywhere
but here.

Put In Bay.


Rock Hall.

George Clooney and Ron Jeremy?
From Ohio.

Alan Cox Show.

Whips Ledges or any metro park area.

Playhouse Square.

Cleveland pride for their sports.

Cedar Point.

Haunted Ohio.

Hocking Hills.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio City, Lakewood,
and Tremont.

Football Hall of Fame.
(If you're into that)

Science Center.

No terrible traffic.

Muchos Buenos.

Four distinct seasons.
(Even though winter lasts a little longer)

Historic Zoar.

Art Museum and art schools.

The hot dog was invented here.

The Wright brothers and Neil Armstrong.

My family and people I love are here.

Low taxes and cost of living.
(Try paying $400 rent anywhere else)

A low number of tan, muscular, douche bags.

A Christmas Story.

No really scary bugs.

New casino.
(If you're in to that)


Brew Kettle.

A high number of bearded men live here.

It smells like fresh air.

It says Oh Bye O when you leave the state.

There are so many more reasons
I'm just at work and don't have time to list ALL
of them.
Really think about it.
Is Ohio THAT bad?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Into the Kiln.

My Zora Link is finally assembled
and ready to be fired.
He ended up being quite a bit taller than
Deku Link so  wasn't able to put Navi on him.
I'll have to make her separately.

Fancy heh?

He'll look better once he's painted.
On to the wheel!

Friday, February 3, 2012

January In Review.

Well I can't be too hard on myself with my list
considering it's only February.
So far I've donated to charity,
and I've read one out of my four books.
I'm off to a good start.

I should probably specify on the "make a friend"
part on my list.
I have no problem making guy friends and
I've made a couple already this year.
I just find it really hard to make friends with girls.
Sometimes you just need girls to talk to.
So I'd like to make one girl friend this year.
Sounds easier than it is, especially at my age.
Fingers crossed.

I've been discovering some new TV shows
that I'm really enjoying.
Specifically Being Human US.
It's really how supernatural creatures SHOULD
be portrayed.
Not battling it out over a girl or whatever they're
doing in books and movies these days.
Watching this show has given me yet another reason why
Sam Huntington is an underrated actor.
I've always thought he was but this show is just another
tally on the board.

I mean think about it...



(the only good spoof movie known to man)





Those are just the movies I've seen.
I'm sure the other ones he was in are just as good
Minus the Caveman TV show...but hey, every actor has one.
He is also ridiculously good looking and I am seriously
considering bumping someone to put him on my five...

Yeeeeea, swoon.

It's been real.