Monday, June 20, 2011

Art With a Hint of Movie Monday.

So over the weekend I got my old art
table back from my parents house.
I set it up in my new office and it looks
so good next to my new roll top desk :)
(pictures will come when the room is done)

A long time ago I told myself that
I didn't have room for my table and
that was ok because I really didn't
have time for art either.
I had gotten two jobs right out
of high school
and my art supplies grew dustier
every day.
Since then I've become so rusty
that getting back in the groove will
be no easy feat.
Be that as it may, my mom and
I were talking about the business
and she had a very "mom" moment
when she said "Tj, you should
really start thinking of what you want to
do with your life. I know you like your
job but you don't love it."
and just walked away.
Leaving me baffled and wondering if she
was right.
But she is mom and mom is always right.

I took this job right out of high school
because it is a family business and I thought
that's just what you do.
Plus it was easy.

As weird as it sounds, taking that art
table last night was almost
like making my decision official.
I had left it at my parents so long that
bringing it back into my life made it real
and made me think "Shit, my life is
about to get real hard."

Today I'll be on the phone with someone
who is going to tell me what I need to do
to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
Wish me luck and stuff.

On a lighter note:

Four quirky young friends -- led by Piper,
who is searching for the daughter
she had to give up for adoption --
share touching moments and laughter about
their personal struggles as they work at a
small sandwich shop in Santa Cruz, Calif.
Meanwhile, pretty Tish makes a sport of sex,
and quiet Jen embarks on an online romance,
both to the commentary of smart-mouthed
buddy Priestley.

Genre: Indie comedy, Romance
Stars: Four

So fun and entertaining.
Funny and smart.
Just a good indie flick.
I'm probably pretty bias with my love
for them, but this movie is the reason
I love them so much.
Not a lot to say other than, if you're
also a fan of the genre, you should
watch it too.

I've also watch a lot of documentaries
The one I like the most was on the
American horror movie.
So if you get a chance, check it out.

One last note on the side:
Recently a friend asked me
why I decided to start spelling my name
instead of leaving it "TJ".
(Shocker, Teejay isn't how you really
spell it)
So I told her it was because I decided
that my life was just too complicated
for only two letters.
That if my name was an accurate depiction
of my life, two letters wouldn't cut it.
Needless to say it made her laugh and
at the time it was a joke on my part
as well.
But the more I thought about it the more
I realized just how true that statement was.

I think I may need to start adding MORE
letters to my name... Ha.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Nightly Progression

I'm going to have a nice quiet night.
I'll work on my spare room, maybe read a book,
take a shower and go to bed.

Eric's coming over.
I'll read a book while he plays x-box
for awhile.

Ceci wants us to come out for Sams
Ok, we'll go for a little bit,
then come home at a decent time
and go to bed.

Ceci is buying shot rounds for the
It's Sams birthday so I can have one
or two.

DUDE I'm totally fine, I
can most definatly have another.
Just one more.
No I'm still good, one more.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Movies, I can't look away...

On her 16th birthday, never-been-kissed Kate
decides to
play cupid for two people she works with,
pairing her boss with a paraplegic
customer and setting up
short-order cook Rene with an oversexed
But in the process of matchmaking,
Kate learns some surprising
lessons about love and the mechanics
of romantic relationships.

Genre: Indie comedies, Romance
Stars: Four

I've recently decided that I'm in love
with indie flicks.
This one was creative and funny.
I also really like when movies take
place in one setting and
in the course of one day, this setting
 being a ice cream/ burger stand.
The movie had a very real take on
young teenage life on both
ends of the sexual spectrum and
I thought the director captured
it all in an interesting way.
If you like indie flicks or want to
get into them, this is a good
beginner movie.
Not too out there, but with the heart
that most indie movies possess.

Director Robert Altman's witty murder mystery won an
Oscar for its screenplay, which really takes
off when Sir William is found dead soon after his guests
arrive for a weekend stay at his English estate.
Lady Sylvia, Constance and Ivor try to make sense of the crime.
Meanwhile, gossip flies among the household help.

Genre: 20th Century Period Piece, Mystery
Stars: Three

Really disappointed with this movie.
It was REALLY slow getting into it
and even after the murder happened it was
very anti-climactic.
I enjoyed the British humor and
cultural references but other than that,
If you do decide to watch it, make
sure you have lots of time and it's not
before bed because
the beginning is slow and the movie
it 2 and a half hours long.

Kathryn Lasky's popular children's books are the
inspiration for this captivating animated feature about Soren,
a barn owl kidnapped from his peaceful forest home.
His abductors bring him to an orphanage,
where he must train to become a soldier.
Despite the toil and hardships, Soren makes friends,
and together the young birds attempt to escape.

Genre: Family adventure, Animal tales
Stars: Four

I may be bias because of my love for
owls, but this movie was quite
It was funny, uplifting, adventurous,
and had a good story.
Of course it was sad in parts, but
it wouldn't be a kids movie if it wasn't.
If you like family films, this is good one
to watch.


In the world of sports photography,
we shooters see some pretty strange
Such as pants wetting, vomit, and all kinds
of really gross stuff.
Sunday topped all the uncomfortable
situations in one swift slap.

We were at a park in Lakewood
taking pictures of some baseball kids
and I was working on a team of 13/14
yr olds.
When a mom was talking to another mom
about how she told her son not to write
on his dads car with those car marker thingys.
Apparently he did anyways because the
dad comes marching over, grabs the kid by
the arm and starts dragging him across the
parking lot to his car.
He then proceeds to yell at the kid until
the kid says something that was not to
the dads liking because he takes a swing
at him and makes a very loud connection.
We could hear it clear across the parking
The mom gets all pissed and goes over
to yell and tell the kid that she will help
him clean it off in a bit.
As they are walking back the kid says,
"I don't care, he deserved it, etc etc."
(insert various swear words here)
The whole time I'm wondering if I should
turn away and not watch this guy beat
the shit out of his kid or not, but I just
couldn't stop staring.
It was sooo unsettling and awkward.
So I then scoot over just enough to see
the car and it had "cheater"
written all over it in bright white marker.
Sounds to me like that guy's not just
a child beater.
What an ass.

So that was Movie Monday and
Confessions of a Sport

Some weekend.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back By Popular Demand!

Now to watch any time you desire...


(sorry for the horizontal inconvenience)