Monday, January 23, 2012

Zombie Review

Well I finished my first book of the new year.
So if any of your are counting,
that means I only have three left to complete
that task on my list.
It seems easy but when you're as busy as I am,
it's hard to find time to read an entire book
let alone four.

This book only took me a few days since there's
not a lot going on at work and my class just
started Wednesday.

Yes I realise I used this picture in the last blog with
all the funny chapter titles but I need to use it in
this one too.
I also didn't want to give away all the chapter titles
in case someone wanted to read it so I only
did a few for fun.

Sarah and David are trying to make their marriage
work but then find themselves in the middle
of a zombie outbreak.
Typical romcom structure with a whole lot of

I'm having trouble rating the book.
It was very fast paced with a lot of zombie attacks.
There were some funny lines and some really bad
ones but overall I enjoyed it.
It wasn't the most amazing book ever but it was
a good fast read .
I'd have to categorize it like romcom movies,
you really enjoy yourself while watching it, but it's
not going to win any awards.
I would however recommend it for people who like the
Funny one liners
Awful one liners
Over abundance of swearing
Poking fun at hillbillies and religious cults

Overall, I will be reading the other books in
the series so take that for what it's worth.

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