Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Been Real 2011

Writing about the end of the year is hard.
It's always "Wow this year has flown by!" and
"Man where did the year go?"
Both of which are 100% true but it's all been said
and everyone knows because they feel the exact
same way.

Closer to New Years you look back on the year
and then put it all behind you to start a new.
Here are some of my favorite blogs of 2011...

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This year I celebrated my first real one year
anniversary, quit Hot Topic, started to live alone,
remodeled my basement, went back to school, had all kinds of
firsts, and found a couple of great bars to hang out at
with my friends.

Although this year was great, I'm really
looking forward to the next one and I hope it will be
just as awesome.

New Years this year was quite successful.
Despite the minor mishaps we had at the beginning of the
night with the cab, we all ended up having a pretty
good time.
I could have done without all the vomit but at least I
wasn't the one puking.

Anyways, peace out 2011.
You will not be missed.
Time for a new year


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