Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adventures of a Procrastinator

As of today I've purchased one Christmas gift.
I have three days till Christmas an I've done absolutely nothing.
Well that's not true.
I've done plenty of other things besides shopping.
What have I done you ask?


Found nudie glasses at my parents
family friendly getaway.

Went to my first gay club and saw my first drag show.

Decorated my house for Christmas.

Watched all seven seasons of
How I Met Your Mother
in one month.

Found a Yak Bak while remodeling my basement.

Remodeled my basement.
(Well my laundry room, the rest I'm still working on.)
Pictures to come later.

Formed a better bond with nephew.
(We are now to half hearted hugs instead of the previous
screams of terror when I was in close proximity.)

Won a crab race at Around the Corner
 with this cute little crab.
He got Eric and I $20 and two free beer tickets.

All in all had a great past two months but time to get down
to business.
I'll be on my way to the mall in a couple hours.
Let's just hope I survive the stampede of people
 scrambling like I am.

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