Monday, March 19, 2012

How I Became Friends With Your Mother.

A few months ago I started watching the very
good show "How I met Your Mother".
There are plenty of reasons to love this show but
there are also plenty of similarities between this show and
the greatest show ever made.
I'm not one of those people that think HIMYM is a rip
off or anything of the sort.
Merely a tribute while also maintaining some originality.
In case no one believes me, here are the facts...

Let's start with the obvious.

Both set in New York
Live above a bar/coffee shop
The classic "will they/won't they" relationship
(Ross and Rachel, Ted and Robin)
No one knows what Barney or Chandler does for a living
The "sleeps with lots of chicks" guy
(Joey and Barney)
The dopey guy that marries a hot girl
(Marshall and Lilly, Monica and Chandler)

Now to get more in depth.

The "last night" Ted and Marshall, Monica and Rachel
spend together before moving out is filled with fights.
Ted and Marshall each take a sword, Monica and Rachel
each take a candle stick.

Joey and Barney end up falling for best friends
ex girlfriend.

Ted and Ross both have fairly boring jobs none of the
other characters want to hear about.
They both end up becoming professors....aaaand
end up dating a student.
They have the worst luck with love.
Both bought cars and sold them shortly after.
Both correct grammar or pronunciation.
Ka-ra-tey and encyclo-pay-dia

Chandler and Marshall both wanted to do different things
with their lives than they ended up doing

Chandler and Monica, Marshall and Lily
go to Vegas/Atlantic city and chicken out on getting
Then eventually both are married by the "ladies man".

Rachel and Robin both date a douchey
foreign guy.
Both make a horrible food dish the others pretend
to enjoy.
Both fly across the world to stop a wedding.
Both have a hard time making it in the city and
desire a glamorous job.
Both come from different background than the
rest of the group and are made fun of for it.

Joey Tribbiani technically invented the naked man

Marshall and Ted, Ross and Chandler
best friends after being college roommates.

Chandler and Barney come from a very strange
home life.

Thanksgiving is always a debacle

I'm sure there is a ton more but keep in mind, I've only
seen How I Met Your Mother twice through as
oppose the 806820347523 times I've seen Friends.
Both shows are great and I look forward to seeing where
they go with HIMYM.

Teejay out.

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