Monday, September 19, 2011


It's amazing to me how fast this year has gone by.
We're already in the second part of the year and I could
swear Christmas was just last week.

It seems to me like every year goes faster and faster and
everyone says it will just go quicker with age.
I just start to wonder what will happen when I'm forty.
Will I wake up one morning and be seventy?
Where did it all go?
What did I do with all this time that flew by?

I finally feel like I'm utilizing my time with school and
other things but I'm afraid time is going to pass me
up one day and I'll realize I never actually accomplished
Sometimes I feel like there is not enough time in the days.


What if time were infinite?

Would I learn a new language?
Would I learn to play an instrument?
Would I just do what I do everyday, forever?

I wonder what I would be able to do with my life
if I had infinite time.
But then I think...
Who would ever want to stay on this earth for
the rest of it's days?
To watch everyone you know wither away.
To see humanity destroy itself.

Time isn't meant to be

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