Thursday, September 22, 2011

25 Years Of Zelda.

If any of you get Game Informer you know that
Legend of Zelda was the main focus and
it marked the twenty five year anniversary of our
childhood game.
I didn't really get into video games till Nintendo 64
but Zelda rapidly became my favorite game and still is.
I never got around to playing the Game Boy games but
I'd like to at some point in my life.
I'm not sure how I'll like Skyward Sword but I felt
the same way about Twilight Princess and ended up loving

So it seems fitting that for my pinch pot creature in ceramics
I would make a Deku Link.
I think when I picked the project I subconsciously knew
I was doing it to honor the anniversary.
He's not finished yet but I thought I'd post a sneak preview.

This is the stump he's going to sit on.
It has the triforce carved into it and you can't see,
but there is a rupee in the grass.
Yea I'm clever.

This is his body.
He's headless and only has one hand but I think he's
coming along nicely.

Again keep in mind, I'm a beginner.

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