Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Lookin' Out Universe

As I suspected,
school was about as scary as
a fuzzy sweater.
I don't know why it made me as nervous as it did,
man was I nervous, but for some reason I had
the jitters so bad I was waking up every hour
and felt like throwing up this morning.
I felt a little better in the car once I put on some music
but once I parked I started to freak again.
Before I continue with the rest of the story I would
just like to say that Tri C is like a never ending
maze of hallways.
I must have turned down 6 different halls before I
got the right one.
Anyways, when I finally found my class room,
I saw Anna standing there.
She is a girl I work with and apparently she had the
same class as I did.
It was as if the universe was like:
"Hey we know you're
really nervous, so here have someone you know to
go through the first class with. That should calm
you down."
It most certainly did.
Then once I had been sitting in class for a while,
I realized it was just like high school and I was
being ridiculous this morning when I freaked out.
So bring on the ceramics class!

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