Monday, August 1, 2011


Things are just too complicated sometimes.
Every once in a while you just have to step back,
take a look at your life, and weed out the
things that just aren't that important.
A life cleanse if you will.

To be honest I've made my life MORE
complicated in the past month.
I've signed up for school, tried to start reading again,
started working longer hours, tried to have a better
social life, tried to get active,
even dabbled in writing my own book.
Laugh all you want at that last one but I have spell
check on my computer. So Ha.

Things have been piling up so much, it feels like
there's not enough time in the day.
So I've been working on simplifying things,
or at least trying not to get so overwhelmed.
It's tough.
I thought I'd start small and
work my way up to the big things.
I guess that's what my new layout represents.
That probably sounds stupid but
it makes me feel better.

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