Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If I were a pinata, I'd be bursting with insults and taco meat....

My bother just got back from a meeting about
his son, Jesse.
Not to get into too much detail for his privacy,
but basically he's been having lots of trouble
with him and moved him to a "group home" type thing
for problem teenagers and whatnot.
Every time he comes back from one of these
meetings he's always so depressed and hard to
I love my brother very much and it's hard for me
to watch him so upset all the time.
I know it's not my job but I really wish one
day I could find a way to make him truly happy.
Even if it's winning the lottery and giving
him enough to make his life comfortable instead
of all the money problems that come with having six
kids and one that needs care.

Maybe it's the horrible vibe radiating in
the office where me and Larry work, or just
one of those days, but I am quite
So many things make me mad today.
  1. The office manager is yelling at Britney for no reason, and I get WAY defensive when Brit's upset.
  2. Stupid people with this dumb ass horoscope thing, who cares? I never read my horoscope anyways. Just let it go, nothing you can do about it and if it really upsets you that much just ignore it and be what you always were.
  3. I'm starving.
  4. My brother being sad.
  5. Not having this damn Mustangs cheer logo so I can finish my work. Honestly lady it doesn't take long to email a logo so your pictures can be printed. I'd imagine you'd want them ASAP. Well I finished all but the team pictures cause I'm awesome and get stuff done super fast, but I'm only human. Not a mind reader that can access your thoughts, retrieve the logo image and then re-create it with my bad ass photoshop skills.
  6. Guitar tabs being Chinese and not being able to practice so I don't feel like a loser with no hobbies. Someone please teach me how to read them cause I feel dumb.
  7. Working everyday so I can't get plastered at Fox and Hound.
  8. I want to go home.
  9. Deciding whether or not applying for a Best Buy credit card to get a laptop would be ok or if it will plumit me into a spiraling black hole of debt from which I will never return.
  10. Not knowing how to spell simple words cause I decided not to pay attention in school. I'm very smart and can form intelligent sentances but no one takes you seriously if all the words are spelled wrong. On the plus side I used spell check this whole time and it hasn't found any mistakes, so maybe I'm getting better. Or it's just a shitty blog spell check and I'm going to sound unintelligent this whole time.
Since I always try to look at things positively,
I should end with happy vibes.
Don't hate, you don't want to put that
out into the universe.
On the plus I get to go home early due
to running out of work here.
Man friend will be coming over later :) and
I don't have to work tomorrow so we can sleep
Ok I'm done venting. It was pointless and
juvinile but I feel better.
And that's really all that matters.

P.S. Just checked and the "spell check" most definitely
isn't working.
And so comes the wave of self loathing
for feeling stupid while you all laugh at my
Should be a good time.

It's been real.

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  1. love the phobe quote "Don't hate, you don't want to put that out into the universe." lol & love the picture. hope your day looks up and things can work out for your brother, I know I don't know him and I don't know you very well but I know money issues suck ass and I wish it upon no one.