Monday, January 17, 2011

Let the fur fly...

We added a new kitten to our household a few weeks ago.
(Two kittens to be exact)
But only one has had free reign of the house so far.
It goes without saying that Kittie (my cat) is
REALLY not happy about this but
she's just acting weird.
Britney had a cat at our old apartment and
Kittie didn't like her but she still co-existed without
too much conflict.
They still shared a litter box and played on occasion.
But since Marley died and Brit got Trixie, she
refuses to go in the same litter box and
spends all her time in my room.
So far I've had to get Kittie her own litter
box and I'll probably have to move her
food upstairs as well if she continues to starve herself.
Since I've gotten the second box she's been
much happier but I still can't get her
to go downstairs or stand up for herself when
Trixie comes into her territory.
She just runs and hides under my papasan chair.

So I started reading this book Natalie gave me called "Cat vs. Cat".
It basically tells you how to create an environment
where two or more cats can live in
harmony with each other.
Obviously Kittie is not the dominant cat
since she chooses to hide instead of fight or
Which is not necessarily a bad thing as long
as they're not fighting.
As much as I wish she could get along with
the other cats, or even with other people,
she was raised to have only me until two years
Since she's nine years old it takes longer to adjust
to stressful situations like a new
addition to the house or things of that matter.

Unfortunately the book only has information on
how to make the transition for the new cat
a less traumatizing experience
and doesn't really go into any details
on what to do if an existing cat
is the one freaking out.
So I'm still pretty stumped on how to make
life easier on Kittie.

Kitten Mitten.


  1. Aww I want to get a kitten soon. Yours is very cute, I hope life gets better for her :[ I was wondering if those pictures were from your place, then I noticed the cat. Looks nice lol

  2. Thanks :) Yea that's my room lol. She's hiding under the chair as always.

  3. its a sweet room and a sweet lookin cat