Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For my Dad.

Today is my dads birthday.
He is my favorite man in the whole world
and he's done so much for me.
I couldn't even begin to repay him.

(Wish I had a picture of me and him to put up
but they're not loaded into the computer.)
(Dad and Momma)

For a present, my brother found some old
pictures to give him.
A lot of them happened to have me in them.
So enjoy old baby pictures!

In case you can't tell which one is me.

On the right.
(Nieces: Julie, Frankie, and Me)

In the pink.
(Me and Frankie)

The one pissed at my momma for giving the
other baby more attention.
(Me and Frankie)

Why am I always in pink?
(Me and Frankie...again)

*Love you Dad.*

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