Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cat Architecture?

In serious danger of sounding like a crazy cat lady,
but I'm willing to take that risk.

Now that my dad is home I'm going to be doing
some renovations to my house.
Not real big ones but a couple things here and there.
I got some new doors for the upstairs and
a design for a built in entertainment center for the
living room.
All stuff I'm pretty pumped about.
But I got to thinking, that all this stress isn't just
effecting me.

Kittie has been through an awful lot since I
moved out of my parents house three years ago.
She went from having half an acre and a
giant house to herself,
to a tiny apartment with three other cats,
to a condo with two cats and four people.
Since she was raised alone, she doesn't really like
being around other cats and people besides me.

Soon it will be just me, Britney ,and her cat
that she will live with.
Then eventually just me.
So I was thinking maybe it would be nice if
I did some renovating for her as well
to thank her for being such a trooper through
all this craziness.
I know half of you are rolling your eyes at this
point, but she's the only real pet I've had.
And even though she's miserable with
her living situation, she still runs to the door
whenever I get home.

Along with all the renovation for me I would
like to do a catwalk for her around
my living room and possibly up into my bedroom
or down into the basement.
Or both.

I'm most likely to the point where
I've lost over half of you.
Those of you that are still with me are probably
only cat lovers and still think I'm a sad human being.

But to continue...
Along with the catwalk I'd like to do a perch
window in what is now Becky and Mikes room.
(after the water damage is fixed)
They have a small window in the right corner of the
room that would be perfect.


Mixed with:

And one of these to get up to it:

Only cooler.

By now I expect I've lost my entire audience,
but that's ok cause I'm almost done.
Finally (for now) I'd like to get a big chunky
wooden coffee table and put a hammock
like bed under it.

Like so:

Only more comfy so she will stop sleeping
on my papasan and leaving an entire cat worth of hair.
Maybe a matching end table.

So now that my entire house has gone to my cat,
I'm going to jump on the Katy Perry "Making
the crazy cat lady cool" campaign.

I'm also open to any other cool ideas from fellow
cat lovers I may not have thought of.
That is if anyone else is as strange as I am.
Probably not.


  1. I'm not a big cat person but I think it all looks cool and your cat will be spoiled rotten! lol

  2. I actually hope to do similar things in the future (when my husband and I finally buy a house). You may consider adding cat friendly shelves to your designs. I love what they did with cat walkways and shelves in that cat house in Japan. Here's a link to it if you haven't seen it!

  3. love this is what i am looking to do!!