Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Picking through trash, being white....white trash?

Me and man friend went on quite an adventure last night.

We we were watching Heroes (yea I name drop)
and I mentioned that I saw this cool piece of furniture
on the side of the road on my way home from work.
I guess my voice sounded like I really wanted
it, because he then tries to convince
me to go get it.
Finally after my many excuses we drive down
to see if it's still there and we take a flashlight
to look to see if it's in good shape.
Oh, because I forgot to mention, this is all
happening at 10:00 PM.
We pull over, have the hazards on, and are
rummaging in front of this persons house
with a flashlight at 10:00.
I was sure the cops were getting called.
Anyway it turns out that it's an old record
player and the top opens up.
REALLY cool piece,
but this thing is frickin HUGE.
No way it was going to fit in my car.

So we drive home and I try to forget about it.
As soon as I pull into my parking spot,
man friend suggests we just go get one of
my parents' vans.
It takes 2 seconds of convincing before we head
to the rents.

We get in the first van and the gas light
turns on the second I turn on the car.
So I get the keys to the other one and it has
about a centimeter above the red line.
Bigger sigh.
I blame Russell.
We take it anyway.
I kept saying we needed to stop at a gas station
but man friend say OH NO we can
TOTALLY make it there with this, the light's not
even on yet.
We get about half way before the light turns on.
I take this time to gloat.
Finally we make it back and at this point it's 11.
So we go to get this thing in the van and it
easily weights 300lbs for me
because I am useless with physical activity.
It takes 10 trys before we finally get it in
the van and let me tell you, laughing
while lifting heavy things is futile.
So we get home and I literally have no place to
put this thing. It's sitting in the
middle of my living room for now until I
find somewhere for it.
I'm 98% sure the record player doesn't work
but it's still a really cool piece.
Love it.
Despite a few mishaps the night was
a whole lot of fun.

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