Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Occasional Musing #3

I think they should bring back
Invader Zim.
It's all kinds of trendy now and WAY
overplayed in Hot Topic but it
was still a brilliant cartoon.
Jhonen really has a way with pulling nonsense
out of his ass and making it work.
It's just so funny.
I have no idea why.
If anything he should put out his own DVD
or something that's not censored.
Whatever he wants to do really.
Pure genius.

Kinda miss you already.

"I don't care just where you go
As long, as long as it's with me
I don't mind just what you do
As long, as long as it's with me, too

Oh, okay, yeah, that's where you go
Oh, come and dance with me"
- Born Ruffians


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