Friday, March 25, 2011

The End of an Era.

Do you ever feel like you might be being forced
into doing something, then when you think about it
you realize that you should have done it a
long time ago?

I've decided to put in my two weeks at Hot Topic.
For a whole slew of  reasons.

Without getting into too much detail in a public forum,
it started with some actions taken by some people
that I did not agree with.
My name was used to ensue drama without my consent,
people felt attacked, and a mess of other things.
All in all I feel the situation could have been handled a lot
better. Especially by those who put it all in motion.

After feeling like I'd been backed into a corner,
I began to put it all into perspective.

Hot Topic was always my second job, and for
a long time I was putting it infront of my main job.
So much that I've missed deadlines, and my
work ethic plumited.
So the more I thought about it, I wondered, why?
I worked so hard at that job and was passed
up on promotions twice. The second,
purely on someone playing favorites.
But I realized, I would make more money working
at Visual Sports every day
than any promotion Hot Topic could give me.
Even though VSN can get boring sometimes,
I would make a significant amount more, I would have
nights off, and there is virtually no drama.
(Sometimes with my sister, but who doesn't?)

The more I thought about it, the more I realized the
only things keeping me at Hot Topic are:
My discout.
It's something different.
My friendships with my co workers.

It sure isn't the pay.
So since the friendships are being "taken"
the rest really isn't enough for me to stay.
I am tired of working all for nothing
and waiting for a promotion that will
probably never happen and if it does it's just
MORE work for nothing.

It is foolish to think that you can throw a group
of people of similar age and interests in tight
quarters for long periods of time without
friendships forming.

Personally, the relationships I've made
are more important to me than a minimum
wage job I've had for four years as a
sales associate.

Bottom line is, Hot Topic needs me
more than I need it.

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