Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adventure Time.

I'm working on St. Patricks day.

Instead of talking about all the horrendously
awful things that are going on like jobs,
money, several broken cell phones,
and soon to have a home demolition,
I'm going to talk about the good stuff.

Adventures with man friend.

1. Garbage picking for old 60's records.
2. Picking up a stranded, drunken couple
that ran their car into a ditch during the
last snow storm.
We were deemed the nicest people they've ever
met and he insisted we take $20.
It took SERIOUS convincing on his part
to get me to let them in the car.
I was sure I was about to be killed and
buried by the interstate.
But they were in trouble and I believe in karma.
They were very nice and appreciative,
but after seeing that they lived in $800 apartments,
I'm sure he was a drug dealer.
It's ok, drug dealers need help too sometimes.
3. Man friend getting hammered ass drunk on
Britney's birthday and everyone ending up at a
sleazy strip club 10 minutes before they closed.
So the ugly broad was out.
4. Having dinner and then going to a thrift store
to add to my now growing collection of old
I bought an old trunk for $40 and I'm quite
proud of it.
(shitty phone picture)

I'm using it as my bedside table for the time
being, but I think that will be it's permanent

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