Friday, July 1, 2011

I Am Flawed.

I'm a bad speller.
Sometimes I cry for no reason.
I offend people without meaning to.
I get scared when I'm home alone.
I love my cat more than most people.
I like my house to be clean.
I am picky when it comes to relationships.
I have more shoes in my closet
than food in my fridge.
I procrastinate.
I daydream all day long.
I can be vain.
I shop more than I should.
I don't have many friends.
I don't drink pop.
I can't burp.
It takes me three sips to finish a shot.
I hate making decisions.
I have a thing for owls.
I've seen every episode of FRIENDS
a ridiculous amount of times.
I hold in things that bother me.
I'm out of shape.
I can be distant.
I go to sleep early.
I play childish video games.
I pay my bills on time.
I never return movies on time.
I'm afraid of zombies.
I'm afraid to leave my comfort zone.
I eat very fast.
I like to cook and bake but I
rarely do it right.
I take three hours to do an hour of work.
My face gets red when I'm nervous.
I avoid confrontation.
I can be mean.
I like to play sports even though
I'm not very good.
I throw everything away.
I can be selfish.
I give people too many chances.
I am glass half empty.
I am glass half full.
I stand up for people I love but not
for myself.
I am girly.
I swear all the time.
I jump to conclusions.
I don't like to share.
I contradict myself.
I make jokes that aren't funny,
but I laugh anyway.

I am not easy to love.
Thank you to those of you who try.

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