Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winds of Change.

I know I haven't written in awhile
and I really don't have a good reason
as to why.
It's not like nothing exciting has been happening
because I've had a pretty eventful few weeks.
Maybe it's because I've been so busy.

I wrote a blog back in February
with a similar topic.
There were all these things about my
life I felt I wanted to be different,
and the truth is, we are humans.
There will always be things about
ourselves that we want to change.
Even if we accomplish the things we want to
now, there will always be something else
we'll want to do later.

I still wish I knew how to play the guitar.
I still wish I would pick up yoga again.
I wish I could be more active and better to
my body.

One day I'm sure I'll be able to accomplish
my small goals in life, but I'm taking
it one goal at a time.
life changing event number one,
I enrolled in Tri C to take some personal
enrichment art classes.
Drawing 1
Painting 1
Sculpture 1
Ceramics 1

These are the classes I need to
brush the cobwebs off my rusty art hands
and make a portfolio worthy to
apply to Cleveland Institute of Art
in fall of 2012.
If all goes well, in 5 years I
will be a fully qualified art teacher.

June has four blog entry and so
many things have happened since then.
Baby's, weddings, birthdays, concerts.
Here are some of my favorite moments
of the past couple months
you missed...

It's been great everyone.


Something I learned this month:
How to properly make...

Oreo Truffles

(You would think being a photographer, this picture
would look better...)

1 Package of Double stuffed Oreos
1 Package Philadelphia cream cheese
1 Package dipping milk chocolate
1/2 Cup of white chocolate

Crush the cookies into fine crumbs using
a food processor, NOT a blender.
If you don't have a food processor
put them in a bag and rolling pin them.
Mix cream cheese and cookie crumbs in
a large bowl until well blended
and roll them into balls.
Place them on cookie sheet and put them
in the freezer until hard.
Meanwhile melt chocolate using the double
boil method.
Once balls are firm
(minds out of the gutter people)
coat them in chocolate and place them back
on cookie sheet.
Once the chocolate is dry melt white
chocolate and pour it into small sandwich
Cut the bags corner and make desired
design on top of truffle.
Best served chilled.
They are quite delicious so you should
make them.

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