Monday, May 23, 2011

Say yes to the dress?

So I have a couple of weddings to go to this year.
Congratulations to:
Nina and Jordan
Jay and April

Obviously this is a good opportunity
to go shopping
some quality Ceci time!

Parmatown may be "oh so" trashy,
but it does have a pretty sweet USA Fame
dress shop.
Maybe if I was going to walk the red carpet,
I would have found something to wear.
Since I am going to weddings and I'm a
size x-small,
I found a whole lot of nothing.
I did however find a pretty cute club dress.

I didn't buy it, but I did model it before
rejecting it completely.

Although I didn't find a dress the evening
wasn't a total loss.
We decided it would be pretty funny to try
on wedding dresses and send them to the men.

Davids Bridal apparently frowns upon
trying on wedding dresses when you're not
engaged, but I was very convincing.
Not to push it, I didn't try on a dress,
and Ceci had to try on one of the dresses
on sale.
She looked so very pretty in her "off the rack"
dress :)

Over all a fun night, but I still don't have a dress.
For another day.
I have time before I really need it,
and that just leaves for more fun adventures.

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