Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Long Time No Blog.

Ok so that last blog entry wasn't really a good entry.
I mean it was great to look at but it wasn't really informative,
especially since I haven't been keeping up with my blog
So here are some things I missed talking about this month...

I reluctantly went to see Breaking Dawn Pt 1 and
it pains me to say that it was actually pretty good.
I was pleasantly surprised with the acting and
cinematic structure of it.
I always loved the books back before it had a cult following,
and since the rise of the phenomenon I forgot that I ever
enjoyed them at all.
So I started reading them again to see if they actually
were good books or if they were as dumb as Hollywood
made them.
Turns out I was right the first time.
They're a great read.
Too bad the media completely destroyed it for everyone.

Keeping in the book to movie topic, the new
Hunger Games trailer came out.
All I'm going to say is read the book if you haven't
and I'm totally seeing this movie at midnight.
It looks straight out of my mind.
If you haven't seen it yet...

In other news, school is good but I'm getting
pretty tired of it to be honest.
My schedule is booked solid now and it's hard
to find time for anything other than work and school.
Next semester I'm only taking ceramics two so that
should be much better.
Here is Link finally finished.


I also started watching How I Met Your Mother.
It's fantastic.

Ok that's all I care to write today.
K bye.

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