Friday, November 4, 2011

Gallery Show #1

The semester is almost over and I've really only shared
my Link piece with everyone.
What good is art if no one gets to see it, right?
So here ya go, most of my work from these past few weeks.

Drawing one.

Project #1

Done on white paper and India ink.

Pictures of project #2 will come later.

Project #3
Value Study

Done on white paper and charcoal.
(I know I posted this one already but this is
a better picture of it.)

Project #4

Done on black paper with white charcoal.

Ceramics one.

Project #1
Pinch pots

Bee pot finished.

Egg halves.


Lady bug.


Sun flower.

Project #2 is Link and I'll post pictures when he's painted.
Project #3 is cylinder mugs that also need to be painted.

Project #4
Press mold bowls

Well that's it so far, more to come.
I know the pinch pots are a little hokey
but give me a break, it was the first project.

It's been real.

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